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Guided Panoramic city tour with a guide and chauffeur. We will drive around Castellana Boulevard, Business District, Gran Via, Cibeles fountain, Alcala Gate, Plaza de España, Ventas Bullfighting ring, Salamanca quarter, Debod´s temple, Prado Boulevard, Real Madrid Football stadium, Atocha area, Old town surroundings

Walking tour around Madrid Hapsburg’s quarter visiting more iconic landmarks in Old Town Madrid such Puerta del Sol, PLaza Mayor, San Miguel Market, Plaza de la Villa, oldest restaurant in the world, handicrafts old stores, Almudena´s Cathedral and Royal Palace.
Includes Guided tour and ticket inside the Royal Palace

Walking tour around Madrid UNESCO area visiting Cibeles quare, Alcala Gate, Retiro Park, Prado area landmarks, Neptune fountain, Spanish parliament, Atocha area. We will visit Prado museum, the most important art gallery in Spain. Museum entry tickets included

Guided tour to MADRID most important art museums: Prado highlights (paintings from 1400s until 1800s) and Reina Sophia Modern art where you will discover Picasso and Dali masterpieces.

Explore Madrid on foot in a 4 hour walking tour. We’ll visit the most beautiful squares, iconic spots, stop at some local handicrafts & groceries shops where I normally go myself. We will explore together the neighborhoods of the Hapsburgs , La Latina, Literacy quarter and end by Prado Boulevard to have a look to the UNESCO sites such Cibeles, Alcala gate or museums area.

Are you a family? travelling on a group? Do you have any preferences, suggestions or ideas? Please let us know and we can tailor and customize multiple day tours for you.


Discover Madrid popular neighborhoods: La Latina, Lavapiés and Literacy quarters and its traditional markets at the same time you taste local food and introduce yourself into the local culture. An alternative walking tour to experience Tapas as an authentic madrilenian.


Experience Spanish Tapas culture visiting one of the most popular Gourmet markets in Spain, different tapas venues and some taverns open for more than 100 years! In this tour, each place is known for a different and unique dish. The tour includes a sweet stop too

Combine Madrid Tapas tour style with an authentic Flamenco show in one of the most renown venues in Madrid.


Walking tour around Madrid Old town including the following highlights: 

– Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor squares, learn Madrid origins.
– The oldest restaurant in the world: walk in to see the firewood oven!
– St Miguel Food market: walk in to see the food stalls
– Plaza de la Villa: oldest civil house in Madrid
– Almudena’s Cathedral picture stop
– Royal Palace
– Orient’s Square gardens

Do you want to know what the Madrid of the Golden Age was like?

How did writers like Cervantes, Lope de Vega or Quevedo live?
What were the corralas and its streets like and why was it called “Huertas”?
How has the neighborhood evolved to this day?
What writers and playwrights from the generation of ’98 and ’27 also lived on these streets?
The best tapas bars in the area?

So, this is your tour! Full of anecdotes, legends, rumors of the time, and how this Bohemian neighborhood in the center of Madrid has evolved to this day.
We will go through the Barrio de las Letras, also known as Las Huertas and we will end together by the Spanish Parliament for those who want to go for tapas and vermouths in the area, full of traditional Taverns and, some of them centenary!

Do you want to discover the hidden secrets of Madrid?
The popular chronicle of the Villa tells us about haunted houses, ghosts and legends, many legends…
Because Madrid is a city of history that keeps some secrets. Some of its streets, palaces and older houses and buildings enclose behind their walls paranormal events and events marked by the appearance of presences, noises, voices from beyond …
Legend or Reality? Dare and discover the most mysterious and unknown corners of the capital.


The Prado Museum, one of the best art galleries in the world.
If you want to learn and have an unforgettable experience visiting the Prado Museum by the hand of an expert and official Madrid Tourism guide, I am the person you were looking for.
I will accompany and explain you during the visit of the exhibition, going into detail about the great Masterpieces of the collection of artists such as Velazquez, Goya, El Greco, El Bosco, Tiziano, Rubens, Dürer, Fra Angelico, Van der Weyden, Caravaggio, etc
A unique look to understand the evolution of Art History from the 15th to the 19th century.

Have you ever tried to visit a modern art Museum and got lost in its labyrinthine corridors?

Have you stood in the middle of any of its huge halls wondering where to direct your steps, or even your gaze? Do you observe any of his so-called “masterpieces” for minutes and you get caught in doubts?
If you want to know the most important keys of this immense and magnificent collection of art, do not miss our visit the Reina Sofia museum collection, with a local guide and a passionate about Art History.
Together, we will discover the Art in Spain in the first half of the 20th century and learn about relevant movements such Cubism or Surrealism through the works of great artists like Picasso, Dalí or Miró.
I will explain you the political and social situation that led to the creation of one of my favourite art piece and one of the most relevant paintings of all time: Guernica.
I will also show you the sculptures, the garden and the building history, a former hospital from 18th century! Let’s explore together!

Madrid has the privilege of having an art triangle along Prado Boulevard that was completed in 1993 with the acquisition by the Spanish State of the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum.
Considered one of the most important private art collections in the world, What better time to take a guided tour with an Official Guide of Madrid and discover his great works?
Duccio, Van Eyck, Dürer, Caravaggio, Rubens, Rembrandt, Monet, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Kirchner, Hopper ... are just some of the great names in painting whose work can be seen in the museum and that will allow us to explore the history of the Western painting from the 13th to the 20th century.

Doubtless, it´s one of the most important and emblematic monuments in Madrid and considered the largest Palace in Western Europe. Together we will discover which secrets are hidden in its rooms, I´ll show you the details and wonders of its decoration, and many other anecdotes of the Kings and Queens that have inhabited it.
The visit will be inside the Royal Palace. It begins with an introduction at the Arms Courtyard about the origin of Madrid and the history of the Royal Palace. Then, we will access its interior and we will take a tour from the main staircase, visiting the Kings and Queens apartments, porcelain cabinet, Gala Dining Room, Throne Room, Column Room, etc. and at the end the client can also visit the armoury collection on their own.

San Isidro Museum. Madrid origins

Madrid History Museum

Royal Academy of Arts San Fernando

Discover Real Madrid history and why was chosen the best football club of the XXth century.
In this tour you will have access to the Trophy´s room, the mock up of the new stadium, the field and the shop.

**After autumn  2023, the tour will open as usual and you will also visit the press room and the football players changing rooms.

Madrid Surroundings Half and Full Day

Discover Toledo, the city of the 3 Cultures

Toledo, once the Imperial capital of Spain, was inscribed as a UNESCO’s heritage site in 1986. This iconic town is one of the most popular and visited in Spain and one of my favourite to show to you as I’m love with this town since I was a child.

Their streets have witnessed the succession of great events of our history, from being a Roman municipality, the capital of the Visigoth Kingdom, one of the seats of ‘Al Andalus’ Moorish period, a major cultural centre during the Medieval ages, where the existence of three major religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam was a major factor, and also the Imperial Capital during Charles I kingdom.

Doubtless, a worldwide renown gem!

During our tour I will tell you a bit of the history but also some entertaining legends and stories behind its walls; we will learn about its culture, handicrafts and most popular food; I will take you to my favourite corners; we will step back in time and compare how the city has arrived almost intact to our days.

– We will leave Madrid and drive to Toledo (1 hour approx.)
– Upon arrival to Toledo, we would start with a scenic drive following the course of river “Tajo” and will stop to see the panoramic view of the city.
– We will start walking and exploring the old Jewish Quarter. I will be describing some other monuments, traditions, culture, explaining about handicrafts, food, etc.
We will visit some of the most important monuments such:
Old synagogue of “St Mary La Blanca”
– St Tomé church to see El Greco’s masterpiece: “The Burial of Lord Orgaz”
– Toledo’s Primate Cathedral, the most important in Spain.
I can take you also to visit a sword factory and damascene jewellery.

Optional lunch in Toledo

Discover two of the most beautiful and unique historic towns in Spain, both declared UNESCO heritage sites since 1985.

Travel to Avila and Segovia is an easy 75 min drive from Madrid to explore a completely different environment and to learn a bit from the Castilian history, tracing back the steps to the Ancient Roman time, and continuing to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Also known for their unmissable landmarks: in Avila you could admire the very well preserved ancient walls from the Middle Ages; while in Segovia you will be surprised with the magnificent Roman Aqueduct with almost 2000 years history and its fairy-tale castle known as the ‘Alcazar’.

Be prepared to walk along the cobbled stone streets, to see old palaces, churches, convents, to contemplate the slow pace of the locals, AND, the best part: to try the local food!

As a very proud daughter of a family who comes originally from Avila, come and join me to unveil the secrets of these two cities!

We propose a cultural plan and excursion to the Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial. A good combination of History, Architecture, Nature and fresh air! And of course good Gastronomy for those of you who want to stay for lunch later.
There are many reasons to visit the Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial with our local guides:
– Get to know one of the 8 Wonders of the World and the largest architectural complex built in the 16th century.
– Admire its artistic heritage: its paintings and frescoes, one of the best European museums and its wonderful Library with more than 40,000 documents.
– Visit the impressive Basilica inspired by Saint Peter of the Vatican
– Learn how the Kings lived in the time of the Habsburgs, in particular the austere way of life of Felipe II and contrast it with the pomposity of the tapestries and luxuries of the Palace of the Bourbons.
– See the tombs of the Pantheon of Infantes from the 16th to the 20th century (the Pantheon of Kings is temporarily closed to the public)
– Entrance and Guided Tour with Official Guides, where we will see: the Patio de los Reyes, the Library, the Basilica, the chapter rooms, the Pantheon of Infantes, the Palace of the Austrias, the Battle Room and the Palace of the Bourbons.
At the end of the Visit you can also walk through the Monastery Gardens with free access and drink

Visit a charming village, its vineyards & taste the local wines!

Did you know that in Navalcarnero we have one of the most beautiful and picturesque arched squares in Spain?
Were you aware of the existence of the numerous underground Caves, Wineries and the denomination of origin wines of Madrid?

It’s time to get to know our villages, our culture, our wines & vineyards. I’m very proud to show you the town where I live.
If you want to know more and have a good time, join me in this unique and authentic local tour just 30 kilometres from Madrid!

I have created this tour to offer you a cultural ecotourism experience while learning about the history, architecture, traditions and caves of the small and charming village of Navalcarnero, in a rural and familiar environment. Then, it’ll follow, a guided visit to one of the most outstanding wineries in Madrid region where we will have a wine tasting and where we’ll visit the vineyards and the countryside.

A great day full of anecdotes, entertainment and good wines for you to know the most emblematic corners of the Madrid Region